Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Malachi is written in a disputation style. The pattern is used to raise a point made by certain individuals, and then offer a contradiction in a point-counterpoint formula. There are six cycles of disputation in Malachi. Each cycle begins with Yahweh making a statement of truth concerning His character. A hypothetical audience then offers a rebuttal in the form of a question. Each cycle ends with Yahweh responding by presenting supporting evidence.
  2. God has been faithful and loved His people but they have not been true to the covenant.
  3. The gap between God's people and God's word was vast.
  4. It would seem that God's love would have been demonstrated in such a way that there would be no question.
  5. Personal animosity towards Esau is not implied. Esau and his descendants, however, by nursing resentment and showing hostility towards Jacob, did bring God’s judgement on themselves.
  6. God is not honored in worship that is insincere and not sacrificial.
  7. God tells them of the results of their irreverence and reminds them of His commitment to honor His name.
  8. You cannot expect prayers to always be answered while walking in habitual disobedience.
  9. The priests spoke about their unhappiness in serving God.
  10. They were not walking in obedience, they caused people to stumble, showed partiality and corrupted the covenant.
  11. The institution of marriage was under attack.
  12. The people's cynicism wearied the Lord.