Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Their temple would be visited by Messiah.
  2. The plan of rescue has never changed but Jesus brought the new covenant and it changed everything.
  3. Jesus was not coming in the sense of making a Israel great, but in dealing with the sins of Israel.
  4. The furious love of God pursues His people and bids them return.
  5. The people deny any wrongdoing.
  6. God tells of the consequences of their sin.
  7. Giving is not about the amount; it is about the heart and, when we see what God has given, there is nothing that He would ask that can be too much.
  8. The heart with which we serve is the issue, not the work we do.
  9. God remembers His people, gives them special privilege, and promises a day is coming when there will be a clear distinction.
  10. Hell is a real place for just judgment.
  11. Jesus is a healer of much more than physical infirmity.
  12. Run to Jesus. He will save.