Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Esther risked everything but she was not reckless.
  2. Favor is from the Lord.
  3. Esther is shrewd in the way she confronts the problem.
  4. She invites them to one feast and then to another.
  5. Haman's narcissism only grows with this exclusive treatment.
  6. All is well until he sees Haman and then the whole day is lost to anger.
  7. Anger can consume you.
  8. The sleepless king asks for a book to read and by the hand of providence is guided to the story of Mordecai.
  9. The king asked what had been done because you want to reward people for protecting you so that others will feel compelled to do the same regardless of their motivation.
  10. Haman is so caught up in himself that he thinks it must be all about him.
  11. Imagine Haman's face when he finds out this is for Mordecai and he has to participate.
  12. Notice the poetry at the close of the chapter – Mordecai will not bow and everyone tells Haman that he will fall before Mordecai.