Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. The new prime minister is tied to Saul's disobedience when he did not kill Amalekite king.
  2. We are not sure why Mordecai did not bow but we know that Haman was not going to put up with it.
  3. This is antisemitism on display as heinous as what the world witnessed during WWII.
  4. The decree is written and the death sentence pronounced.
  5. The people went into mourning and it carried throughout the provinces.
  6. Esther hears and tries to console Mordecai but he won't have it.
  7. Esther is told what is about to happen and she is upset but she hasn't been summoned by the king and it is probably death if she addresses the king without an invitation.
  8. Mordecai declares that deliverance will rise from somewhere because we are God's even in derision.
  9. Esther and the people fast and pray as she submits to the hand of providence.