Reading Assignment

Daniel 3, 6

Things To Consider

  1. King Nebuchadnezzar believed Daniel but ignored the fact that it was God who was worthy of worship.
  2. Standing for your faith is costly.
  3. Manipulation and politics were a part of this trial.
  4. They trusted God even if the outcome was not what was hoped for.
  5. The God of fire is not burned.
  6. God has dominion over all things whether king or fire.
  7. The king is so angry that he is willing to sacrifice some of his best men to satisfy his wrath.
  8. God's agency is not always what is expected.
  9. King Nebuchadnezzar was greatly affected but emotion is no substitute for genuine faith.
  10. Wise rulers must figure out how to establish their kingdoms through bureaucracy – that is what the satraps were a part of.
  11. Jealousy creates strife.
  12. The success of others should not be perceived as a threat.
  13. Ulterior motives brought these men to the king.
  14. Darius realizes that he has been tricked but is obligated to execute judgment.
  15. Daniel's piety and devotion was known to the king.
  16. The king couldn't sleep and was anxious to see how Daniel fared.
  17. Divine aid was dispatched and Daniel was saved.
  18. The men that set him up were killed for their treachery.