Reading Assignment

Daniel 1-2

Things To Consider

  1. Daniel had been blessed physically, positionally and mentally.
  2. Daniel took a risk in obedience.
  3. God intervened and granted favor to a man that could lose his life if they failed.
  4. God moved in the heart of a captor to the point of compassion.
  5. God gave Daniel and his companions their abilities and success.
  6. Do you think God still speaks through dreams?
  7. Daniel and his friends prayed while their lives were at risk... no daring escape attempts.
  8. Daniel knows that his life is in God's hands and not to a moody king.
  9. Daniel walked in humility.
  10. Daniel did not rob God of his glory.
  11. It is outrageous to think a king would fall before an exile.
  12. King Nebuchadnezzar recognized God as great.