Reading Assignment

Jeremiah 1-2, 4-5, 21

Things To Consider

  1. God has a clear purpose for Jeremiah.
  2. God knows the times and the circumstances that we are born to.
  3. Jeremiah is probably 12-16 years old... age is no barrier for service.
  4. God promises to be with Jeremiah.
  5. God is rendering judgment and is laying out the facts of the case.
  6. The Lord gives Jeremiah assurance even though he is uncertain.
  7. God's people have been faithless while He has remained faithful.
  8. Infidelity comes with consequences.
  9. Pictures are used to describe their idolatry.
  10. We often want to blame God for all our troubles.
  11. There is fruit when repentance is true.
  12. Jeremiah struggles beneath weight of God's judgment.
  13. It is as if God is reversing creation.
  14. Symbolic acts served as a visual representation of God's word.
  15. The people refused to repent and willful disobedience is costly.
  16. Judgment and hope are mixed.
  17. Some inquire of Jeremiah to see what the Lord has to say in spite of the fact that he has been clear about his position.
  18. The people were over confident.