Reading Assignment

Lamentations 1-3, 5

Things To Consider

  1. This once proud city whose identity had been established now lay in ruins.
  2. Deserted, betrayed and enslaved – judgment is always more costly than we imagine.
  3. Their enemies are gloating.
  4. Chapter two is historical poetry that recounts the devastation of Jerusalem.
  5. Who can bear God as their enemy?
  6. False prophets misled the people because it was what they wanted to hear rather obeying the word of God.
  7. The author accurately assesses the situation but it does not change his circumstances.
  8. Even in despair there is hope because of the Lord.
  9. Nothing happens that God does not know about.
  10. The call to self-examination is wise.
  11. Trust the Lord to do what He says.
  12. God is sovereign, permanent and stable.