Reading Assignment

Ezekiel 1-3, 36-37

Things To Consider

  1. How do you harness language to describe an infinite God?
  2. Many try to imagine the scene but the point is that God speaks.
  3. Ezekiel sees these cherubim more than once.
  4. Ezekiel sees the majesty of God which serves as a reminder that God rules and reigns even in captivity.
  5. When God manifests himself, the response is always fear.
  6. God is aware of our problems.
  7. This priest prophet receives his mission.
  8. The regular directive of God is fear not.
  9. The prophet received divine revelation from God. This was not keen insight and opinion.
  10. There is bitterness in judgment.
  11. The watchman has his responsibilities specified.
  12. The Lord will restore his people.
  13. The bones were possibly remnants of people slain during battle.
  14. A priest would have been careful not to touch the bones.
  15. God's decree must have seemed far fetched.
  16. If God can raise bones, can he not restore his people?
  17. One King in a covenant of peace – Jesus.