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Reading Assignment

2 Kings 21-25

Things To Consider

  1. Manasseh's list of offenses is disturbing.
  2. Things can change quickly with a new leader and apathetic people.
  3. Manasseh did not follow the example of David. He defiles the sanctuary with idolatry and breaks God's covenant.
  4. The Lord sends his messengers and they are ignored.
  5. It is hard to overestimate how amazing it is when Josiah brings reform to the nation.
  6. Josiah is only eight when assumes leadership.
  7. The Bible had been lost in the house of God.
  8. The word produces repentance in the life of Josiah.
  9. Josiah leads with conviction and reforms the nation.
  10. Leadership matters.
  11. The prophecy comes to complete fulfillment concerning Jeroboam.
  12. There is a string of sad testimonies about the kings of God's people.
  13. What will our legacy be?
  14. These are the captivities of Daniel and Ezekiel.
  15. Nebuchadnezzar has had enough of these duplicitous kings and brings an army to destroy Jerusalem.