Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. Elisha is a faithful and loyal servant to Elijah.
  2. The Spirit was transferrable.
  3. Elisha grieves the loss of Elijah and so he tore his clothes.
  4. Elisha allows the men to go even though he has explained that they will not find Elijah.
  5. Elisha demonstrates a prophetic word for life and death.
  6. The story of Elisha and the widow is similar to Elijah and the widow.
  7. The Shunammite woman gives with no expectation but receives the gift of a son.
  8. The Lord hides this awful turn of events from Elisha.
  9. She held her son in death and she now holds him in life.
  10. Desperate and dark times accompany the siege of Samaria.
  11. The king blames Elisha for their problems and decides to kill him.
  12. The Lord rescues in a miraculous way.
  13. Without faith one cannot please God.