Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. The list of Kings and their deeds is interrupted by these stories of Elijah.
  2. Where did the water from the brook come from if there was a drought in the land?
  3. The Lord was providing for the loss of the woman and the loss of the water.
  4. Elijah's reviving of the son is an indicator of his ability to mediate divine power – make no mistake, God raised him.
  5. Obadiah is not associated with the book of the Bible by that name.
  6. Obadiah recognized Elijah probably from his attire.
  7. Obadiah is a high ranking official and yet he addresses Elijah with humility.
  8. The showdown would have brought people from everywhere.
  9. Elijah uses hyperbole often during this narrative in saying that he is the only prophet left when we know that Obadiah told him that he personally had hidden 100 of them.
  10. Elijah insults the prophets of Baal.
  11. Elijah reminds the people of where they have come from with altar, the 12 stones and the water.
  12. God answers in fire which is both judgment and presence.
  13. The rain comes from God and not the storm god Baal.
  14. Isn't it amazing how quickly we forget God's power and his faithfulness over a change in our circumstances.
  15. God is patient and still cares for Elijah and speaks to him.
  16. The Lord reminds Elijah of the truth and also answers his fear by giving him Jehu and Elisha so that he knows that he is not alone.