Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. We must learn to listen.
  2. Chosen does not mean exempt from the consequences of sin.
  3. These rhetorical questions seem obvious but we are often oblivious to our sin.
  4. God has spoken and there is no fear? How much do we fear the Lord?
  5. Pagans can see problems in the nation.
  6. A remnant would survive because God is faithful.
  7. Calling women cows seems harsh – he is speaking to the self-indulgent lifestyle of the women who reside "on the mountain of Samaria."
  8. God is not interested in religious deeds.
  9. God's call is not to religion, but to repentance.
  10. This is a series of merisms showing that God's judgment would be complete.
  11. There is always hope and restoration with the Lord.