Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. David wants the temple to be magnificent.
  2. Imagine the humility required for a father to speak of his sin and failure accompanied by the blessing for success.
  3. God keeps his covenant even when we are unfaithful.
  4. David wants his son not to just understand the construction process but to understand how to follow God and lead well.
  5. Verse 19 is a good admonition for us: “Now set your mind and heart to seek the LORD your God...” (1 Chronicles 22:19a, ESV)
  6. Generosity should be a hallmark for a follower of Jesus.
  7. David and the people recognize God as the source for these gifts - we need to see that everything comes from and belongs to God.
  8. The temple is not enough. The heart must be a part or worship is an empty gesture.