Reading Assignment

Things To Consider

  1. David's own son is committing treason and is seeking to take control of Israel and take his father's life in the process.
  2. David has faced many battles and moves his men into position.
  3. David listens to the counsel of his men and does not go with them into battle because the primary objective for this battle is David's death.
  4. The Israelite army had difficulty navigating the forest.
  5. Absalom coming off the mule is a picture of losing royal privilege because that was kingly transportation.
  6. This unnamed soldier appears more righteous than Joab.
  7. The trumpet signaled the end of the battle.
  8. David's heart is broken even though his own son sought to kill him.
  9. Joab criticizes David for mourning publicly.
  10. It's hard for the army to celebrate while David is so distraught.
  11. The hearts of David's kinsmen were turned back and the nation was reconsolidated.