Judges 6-8

Things To Consider

  1. God begins with the reminder that He has kept the covenant but they have forsaken Him.
  2. The Lord calls Gideon a man of valor while he hides and makes excuses for not being able to do anything to change his circumstances.
  3. Gideon recognized The Angel of The Lord and he feared for his life.
  4. Gideon reminds the people of their unfaithfulness by the tearing down of idols.
  5. Gideon's confidence was shaky at best.
  6. God brings the number of men so low that there will be no question that He has brought this great victory about for Israel.
  7. Gideon answered his critics with humility.
  8. The man who led the people away from idols led them right back to them.
  9. Past victories don't take away the battles of the present.