Judges 2-3

Things To Consider

  1. Who is the angel of the Lord?
  2. How do we know?
  3. Their repentance was not genuine.
  4. Disobedience is costly.
  5. The next generation had not been taught about the LORD and had not sought him.
  6. They were handed over and the Lord was against them.
  7. God is graceful even when His people are disobedient.
  8. God used their failure to test them.
  9. The pattern we read about is predictable: the people sinned, God gave them over to their enemies, they cried out to him in distress and he sent a judge to deliver them.
  10. Othniel was Caleb’s nephew and had won the hand of his daughter in marriage through his bravery (Josh. 15:17).
  11. Othniel was probably in his seventies.
  12. The next man God raised up seems an unlikely candidate for a judge. He was Ehud, who is described as ‘a left-handed man’; literally he was ‘hindered in his right hand’, which implies that he suffered from a deformed hand.
  13. Shamgar is somewhat of a mystery and we are only given a brief description.