Everyone has expectations about people and circumstances. Expectations can be based on religion, cultural norms, the opinions of others, philosophy, or personal experience. Expectations can determine our experiences. Sometimes expectations are just pure conjecture with no real basis. During the Flipped weekend with Fuel and The Mix, we talked about the way Jesus flipped expectations whether they were religious, philosophical, or cultural.

  • Session 1 – Jesus Flipped expectations about God by becoming one of us.
  • Session 2 – Jesus Flipped religion by showing that righteousness doesn't come through works.
  • Session 3 – Jesus Flipped satisfaction by showing that only God satisfies the soul.
  • Session 4 – Jesus Flipped life by showing us that life is not about us and that following Him is costly.

It was a great weekend and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Two Rivers and to make some new friends as well as see some old ones. A special thanks to David, Tim and all the leaders. Well done guys.